ONLINE CoachME Level 4 starting April 2017,  ONLINE CoachME Level 5 starting May 2017,  IN BAHRAIN CoachME Level 4 face-to-face May 2017, IN JORDAN Transformational Leadership Programme starts April 2017,  IN BAHRAIN Transformational Leadership Workshop 11th April 2017,  IN AMMAN Igniting Creativity and Innovation 14th May 2017,  IN AMMAN CoachME Level 4 face-to-face 23rd - 27th April 2017,  IN BAHRAIN  CoachME Level 6 Executive, Team and Board programme 9th & 10th April 2017,  CoachME Level 6 Mentor Coaching and Supervision commencing 1st May 2017


Caroline Beckett

Caroline Beckett

Coach ME Programme Director, Executive Coach, Trainer, Instructional Designer





I have fifteen years’ experience in education, curriculum design and leadership largely in the Middle East


Making a difference by helping people to develop their skills and increase their confidence

Most Memorable Learning Experiences

Some of my most memorable learning experiences have been while I have been travelling the world when I have enjoyed absorbing new knowledge, sights and sounds. In addition, through the years, I have enjoyed constantly gaining new knowledge and perspectives from students, colleagues, friends and family; life is all about learning and that never stops.

Fun Times

Writing, watching old movies, dancing, yoga, laughter, swimming, travelling the world, reading, meeting new people, experiencing new things

Super Heroes

Some amazing people who I have met along the way who have triumphed, in their own way, despite adversity. They know who they are.

The Other Stuff

  • Master’s Degree in ‘Leadership and Management in International Educational Organisations’ (MA)
  • Post Graduate Certificate in Secondary Education (PGCE)
  • Joint Honours Degree in English and Philosophy (BA)
  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with International Coaching Federation
  • CoachME Certified Coach (CMCC)
  • Use of mentoring and coaching skills in the workplace
  • Publication of articles, creative writing, teaching resources as well as editing and copy writing skills
  • Design and development of English Language curriculum plans, resources and assessment criteria
  • Strategies for improving performance through implementation and review of professional development targets
  • Leadership and management skills especially for woman in the workplace
  • Strategies for managing change and embedding good practice
  • Recruitment expertise for administrative, managerial and academic roles