ONLINE CoachME Level 4 starting April 2017,  ONLINE CoachME Level 5 starting May 2017,  IN BAHRAIN CoachME Level 4 face-to-face May 2017, IN JORDAN Transformational Leadership Programme starts April 2017,  IN BAHRAIN Transformational Leadership Workshop 11th April 2017,  IN AMMAN Igniting Creativity and Innovation 14th May 2017,  IN AMMAN CoachME Level 4 face-to-face 23rd - 27th April 2017,  IN BAHRAIN  CoachME Level 6 Executive, Team and Board programme 9th & 10th April 2017,  CoachME Level 6 Mentor Coaching and Supervision commencing 1st May 2017


Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy



Thought Leader, Global Speaker,
Master Coach in Leadership and Organisational Development,
Pychometrist, Trainer and Researcher.





I am passionate about enabling the potential of people and organisations. I have worked across various sectors alongside ultra-high net worth families as well as those with senior leadership roles both locally and internationally.


Enabling positive, sustainable change in people and organisations.

Most Memorable Learning Experiences

My most memorable learning experience was being brave whilst leading forty young people white water rafting in minus zero temperatures. We were diving into turmoil and having a positive impact! Another huge learning experience has been bringing up two children and seeing how they learn in unusual settings like the jungles of Borneo and the Arctic Circle.

Fun Times

I love singing, drumming, learning, travelling, ‘crafting’ with my children and experiencing new cultures. I enjoy eating great food with my husband, swimming and having adrenalin junkie hobbies.

Super Heroes

My parents and husband for supporting/putting up with me. 

The Other Stuff

  • CPCC with Coaches Training Institute (CTI)
  • PCC with International Coaching Federation (ICF)
  • MAC with Association for Coaching International (AC)
  • Trained extensively in US, UK and Middle East
  • Founder of BIZNET
  • Level A (ability) and B (personality traits) with the British Psychological Society
  • BMC has OMAC status with Association for Coaching International and is an ILM Accredited Centre
  • Research Doctorate from the University of Bath (EdD)
  • Saville Consulting and Morrrsiby Profile Psychometrist
  • Presented at numerous universities including Harvard University, Mansoura University and The University of Manchester
  • Author of two books, more than fifty articles and numerous book chapters
  • Editorial Board Member for the International Journal of Mentoring and Coaching with Association for Caching International
  • Education Committee Member for European Mentoring and Coaching Council