[ January 2017 ] Brand New You (face-to-face) [ January 2017 ] CoachME Level 5 Certification Programme (via a live interactive webinar) for ten weeks [ February 2017 ] CoachME Level 4 (face-to-face) [ February 2017 ] CoachME Level 4 delivered over 20 weeks (via a live interactive webinar) [ March 2017 ] CoachME Level 5 Certification Programme (via a live interactive webinar) for ten weeks


Educational Consultancy


  • How to Build an effective, positive and productive team
  • Transformational leadership: talking the talk AND walking the walk
  • Key principles for being an effective leader and communicator
  • Time management and work-life balance
  • Managing organisational transition /uncertainty
  • Mentoring and Coaching in the Educational Leadership
  • Coaching for Teenagers


Coaching for Teens

CoachME for Teenagers
  • How to get the best from your students: mentoring and coaching skills
  • Performance Management and Feed-Forward
  • Conflict Resolution: Getting On in the Workplace
  • Effective Communication Strategies
  • Planning and using starters and plenaries
  • Teaching with confidence and creativity
  • Measuring Effective Teaching/Learning Outcomes

‘Coaching in Education’ at The British School Bahrain
  • Literacy across the curriculum – why is this so important?
  • Effective classroom management techniques
  • Conducting Qualitative Research (BA up to PhD level)
  • Instructional design and training delivery
  • Target Setting for School Improvement
  • How to prepare students for ‘going west’ to university in Europe/USA/Canada
  • How to become an outstanding teacher
  • The importance and practicalities of differentiation


Creativity in the Classroom
  • Challenging and inspiring very able students
  • Technology in the modern classroom
  • Working with parents to maximise achievement
  • Child welfare: how to tackle the issue of bullying
  • Writing a school development plan
  • Learning style preferences and lesson planning
  • Questioning styles: asking the right questions
  • Mind-mapping skills
  • Effective meetings  (Managing, Recording and Follow-up)
  • Creativity in the Classroom (Creative Thinking and Problem Solving)
  • How to equip students with skills for ‘learning to learn’
  • Study Skills (critical reading, writing, exam and memory techniques – BA up to PhD Key level)
  • Communication skills for school leaders and middle managers
  • Careers Education and Guidance/university application preparation for guidance counsellors
  • How to motivate difficult students and tackle classroom management issues
  • Strategies for dealing with students who have specific needs
  • Team building and academic survival skills for students
  • Critical thinking skills

‘Coaching in Education’ for Cambridge International Schools in Egypt and Jordan



Eng Lang Teaching

  • Innovative techniques for teaching English as a Second Language
  • Raising achievement through effective speaking and listening skills
  • How to develop your students’ listening skills
  • Teaching students how to write to argue and persuade
  • Why using Literature can enrich English language learning
  • How to get your class talking in English
  • Teaching strategies for writing to argue and persuade
  • Planning English lessons – where to start
  • Assessment for learning in the English classroom
  • Outstanding learning and progress in English
  • Promoting reading and the school library
  • Developing the writing skills of English learners
  • How to teach descriptive writing
  • Literacy in English: a whole school issue