ONLINE CoachME Level 4 starting April 2017,  ONLINE CoachME Level 5 starting May 2017,  IN BAHRAIN CoachME Level 4 face-to-face May 2017, IN JORDAN Transformational Leadership Programme starts April 2017,  IN BAHRAIN Transformational Leadership Workshop 11th April 2017,  IN AMMAN Igniting Creativity and Innovation 14th May 2017,  IN AMMAN CoachME Level 4 face-to-face 23rd - 27th April 2017,  IN BAHRAIN  CoachME Level 6 Executive, Team and Board programme 9th & 10th April 2017,  CoachME Level 6 Mentor Coaching and Supervision commencing 1st May 2017


Life Coaching

Are you happy with the way your life has turned out to date?

Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed?

Are you in control of your destiny?

What can you do to move forward?

Are you prepared to be brave and change the things that are not really working for you?


Perhaps you are a musician, a single parent, a writer, or an artist looking for a creative breakthrough, or a degree candidate looking for the perfect thesis or you are embarking on ‘empty nest syndrome’ and you want to start doing things for YOU.  You might even be a entrepreneur with a brilliant idea for a product or service that will improve the lives of millions forever.  Maybe you just want to figure out how to have more fun or free time.


Whatever your circumstances, goals or dreams might be, the bottom line is that your are naturally creative, resourceful and whole and you are in control of the direction your life takes.


Professional Life Coaching helps you turn your dreams into reality.


Life Coaching can help you to:

  • Discover what is really important to you in your life
  • Design a plan to achieve those things
  • Eliminate any obstacles that stand in your way
  • Explore your values and how you live your life
  • Achieve success
  • Celebrate your achievements.