ONLINE CoachME Level 4 starting April 2017,  ONLINE CoachME Level 5 starting May 2017,  IN BAHRAIN CoachME Level 4 face-to-face May 2017, IN JORDAN Transformational Leadership Programme starts April 2017,  IN BAHRAIN Transformational Leadership Workshop 11th April 2017,  IN AMMAN Igniting Creativity and Innovation 14th May 2017,  IN AMMAN CoachME Level 4 face-to-face 23rd - 27th April 2017,  IN BAHRAIN  CoachME Level 6 Executive, Team and Board programme 9th & 10th April 2017,  CoachME Level 6 Mentor Coaching and Supervision commencing 1st May 2017


Team Coaching

Many of the challenges we face today can best be solved by working in teams.  But how do we know that we have appointed a team that is best to meet specific requirements?  What different roles does each team player take?  Are your teams reaching their true potential?  Are they free to think ‘outside of the box’?

For effective performance and optimal results, you need to be able to identify and understand the thinking and decision-making styles as well as interpersonal plus intra personal skills.  Good team work also involves social and cultural awareness, passion and drive.

Through activities and learning, processes and outcomes make more sense.  Your Coach will we enable and facilitate this learning so that you can effectively assemble teams where the whole is more than the parts and where creativity is valued.