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Train the Trainer


The BMC bespoke Instructional Design and Training Delivery with DNA and ROI Evaluation (Train-the-Trainer) programme is Accredited by Association for Coaching International (AC).


Professional Certificate in Coaching with Instructional Design, Training Delivery and DNA (Development Needs Analysis).


This three-module programme is delivered over 7 days within a two-month period in English or Arabic. Participants will have time in between modules to practice their learning and bring back valuable discussion points and reflections.

Programme Content:

Module 1 Designing and Delivering Effective Training Sessions 3 days
Module 2 Running Experiential Training Sessions 2 days
Module 3 Analysing Training Needs and Evaluating Training 2 days


group presentation

Programme Description:

This programme will enable participants to:

    • Analyse gaps in performance within their department or organization
    • Identify training needs based research and analysis
    • Turn specified training needs into learning outcomes
    • Plan, design and/or customize and develop training materials and assessment criteria
    • Develop strategies for engaging, high-energy delivery
    • Create and manage a positive and effective training environment
    • Provide feedback that will enable learners to grow and develop
    • Accommodate different learning preferences
    • Focus on group and one-to-one delivery skills using a range of learning methods and techniques
    • Assess training sessions based on these objectives and outcomes
    • Reflect on professional practice and devise a personal development plan based on this.

Learning outcomes:

By the end of this programme, participants will be able to:

    • Use training needs analysis methods to identify performance gaps and training needs
    • Turn specific training needs into strong learning outcomes
    • Plan, prepare, carry out and evaluate effective training sessions using a structured approach and appropriate instructional techniques
    • Identify and correctly use a range of methods and techniques to maximise the retention of learning and create a positive learning environment.