ONLINE CoachME Level 4 starting April 2017,  ONLINE CoachME Level 5 starting May 2017,  IN BAHRAIN CoachME Level 4 face-to-face May 2017, IN JORDAN Transformational Leadership Programme starts April 2017,  IN BAHRAIN Transformational Leadership Workshop 11th April 2017,  IN AMMAN Igniting Creativity and Innovation 14th May 2017,  IN AMMAN CoachME Level 4 face-to-face 23rd - 27th April 2017,  IN BAHRAIN  CoachME Level 6 Executive, Team and Board programme 9th & 10th April 2017,  CoachME Level 6 Mentor Coaching and Supervision commencing 1st May 2017


R.E.A.L Leadership

Curious to find out more about BMC’s R.E.A.L Leadership Programme ‘Leading from Beyond’?


Click here to download more information:  R.E.A.L. Leadership Leading from Beyond

The next introductory workshop is taking place at the Four Seasons in Amman, Jordan on Wednesday 26th April 4pm-6pm.