The BMC faculty provide ICF ACTP, ACSTH and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovative experiential style.


Coaching Super-vision

Coaching Super-vision

Coaching super-vision is a reflective, collaborative dialogue which persistently builds the coach’s capability

Enabling you to become an even better coach

What is Coaching Super Vision?

At CoachME we see coaching super-vision as providing internal and external, individual, team or groups of coaches a safe environment in which to uncover insights, build awareness and synthesise skills, knowledge and behaviours. It’s a journey of discovery for safe practice, building capability, competence, confidence and courage. It offers inspiration to be the optimum version of yourself as a coach whilst diving into emerging learning and systemic awareness.

Mentor Coaching focuses upon developing coaching competencies, whilst Coaching Super-vision, in contrast, may focus upon:

  • Deepening coaching presence
  • Working systemically
  • Clearer and cleaner contracting
  • Parallel processes
  • Reflective practice
  • Objective perspectives on own work
  • Feedback
  • Growth
  • Resourcing
  • Networking and social, emotional health
  • Patterns and themes

Who is it for?

Coaching super-vision benefits the coach, their one-on-one, team and group coachees, their organisations, families and societies.

Why do it?

Super-vision has been required in caring professions for many years and is now seen by the main coaching professional bodies as an either essential or desirable part of ongoing professional coach development. At CoachME we believe that every coach will benefit from coaching super-vision. We support the Association for Coaching International (AC) and EMCC’s (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) position of requiring coaches to be in super-vision. We also support ICF’s (International Coach Federation) position of building the profile and the knowledge of the benefits of super-vision for coaches.

CoachME Coaching Super-vision

In addition to training people in accredited professional coaching skills, we also ensure existing coaches can continue their development and unlock even more potential personally and professionally.

Our coaching super vision programme comprises of the following elements:

  • Monthly team and group super-vision in a virtual space
  • On-on-one, team and group super-vision both face-to-face and virtually
  • Training in supervision
  • Super-vision of super-visors and coach trainers

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