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Aarn Wenenekers

Aarn Wenenekers

CoachME Certified Team Coach

Member of the ICF (working to get the ACC) and the EMCC


I support teams with a deep contextual understanding of board and leadership team and performance dynamics gained from coaching and advising multi-cultural, multi-disciplinary Boards and Executive Leadership (C-suite) Teams since 1996 (this includes pre-revenue tech start-ups to a multi-billion revenue fully integrated National Energy conglomerate and many in-between).


Supporting teams of all sorts to become the best that they want to be by achieving their purpose and value creation objectives.


I am insatiably curious and enjoy experiencing new ideas, ways of thinking, ways of doing, innovative ideas, and cultures (organisational and traditional)


I enjoy mountain biking, spending time with my family, jazz (all music really), reading, following the news and politics, and outdoor cooking on a BBQ.  I adore walking all sorts of dogs, but Bernese Mountain Dogs especially.


I’m not much for the super hero concept. I believe that people who have a kind work, thought, and action for others and/or strangers while dealing with their own personal struggles are true heroes.


    • CoachME Certified Team Coach
    • CoachME Certified TAP360 Trainer and Practitioner
    • CoachME Imagine ME
    • Member of the ICF (working to get the ACC) and the EMCC
    • ITCA / Team Coach Practitioner (Level 2) EMCC/GTCI (WEBCS)
    • Board and Executive Team coach, mentor, and advisor
    • Designer, implementor, and operator of:
      • Corporate governance and control frameworks
      • Organization transformations and re-organizations designer and coach
      • Assurance (internal and external audit) and risk management methodologies and frameworks
    • Executive MBA from Queen’s (Kingston, Canada)
    • Master of Arts in History from University of Calgary (Calgary, Canada)
    • Certified Internal Auditor (CIA), Certified Risk Management Auditor (CRMA), and Certified Internal Control Auditor (CICA)