The BMC faculty provide ICF ACTP, ACSTH and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovative experiential style.


Public Speaking

Dr Clare’s background is firmly in education and business.  As a published author with a proven track record as a Master Coach, she has presented big stage for Harvard University, Citi, DHL, Cambridge Education, CFA and at hundreds of conferences globally.


Some of the key areas of expertise are:

    • Organisational Transformation

    • Woman – Share your awesomeness!

    • Networking Know How: Authentic, reciprocal, strategic networking

    • ‘Being’ the way you are

    • Conscious Communication

    • Coaching Boards

    • Towards a Coaching Culture

    • Cross-cultural Leadership

    • CoachME Parenting

    • CoachME Model Uncovered

    • Brand Ignition

    • Finding your life purpose

    • DNA is the new TNA

    • Intrapreneurialism

    • Calculated Career Choice

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    Would you like Dr. Clare to speak at your event?

    Bookings are usually taken 6 months to one year in advance.

    Contact office@beckett-mcinroy.com for more information.



    Need to step up your public speaking level?

    BMC are delighted to offer coaching to support your specific needs.

    You will:

      • Develop strategies for improving confidence

      • Work on your intonation, pitch, tone and volume

      • Explore how to prepare for a public speaking engagement

      • Consider how you can use your authenticity to connect with your target audience

      • Work on how to capture and keep the attention of your audience

      • Understand what makes a well-structured speech

      • Develop techniques for overcoming fear and anxiety about speaking to an audience large or small

      • Learn how to use non-verbal communication and body language to enhance your speech

      • Clarify your intended impact and be remembered!

      Contact coachme@beckett-mcinroy.com