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Reflective Coaching Journal©

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This BMC Reflective Coaching Journal© enables you to increase your awareness personally, professionally and within organisations, so that informed plans lead to appropriate action and results. It will provoke learning around options and perspectives as well as clarifying your understanding of what balance, success and fulfilment mean to you. It is an effective resource for self-reflection and can also be used with your Coach or with teams working on projects.

Reflective Coaching Journal: Something rather different and a great tool for development.”  

Dr. Eva Stewart on September 15, 2014

“Clearly expert content, easy to work through and an approach that works. I have thoroughly enjoyed working through this reflective journal and I will revisit it over time. There is also a place for this publication to be used with teams in organisations on shared projects for personal and team development. Amazing graphics, clearly researched content and compelling questions that really do make you think. I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to make changes in their life!”  

Ian M. on December 9, 2014

“Dr Beckett-McInroy has combined professional physiological techniques with user friendly and intuitive methods in a fun and pragmatic fusion that is accessible to the user and profoundly valuable at the same time.  The questions posed are simple and direct.  The rhetorical nature of the questions – What do I really want?  What don’t I want?  – are those we need to ask ourselves and answer honestly.  Most of us spend our lives dodging such basic life issues. This book, with it’s friendly and easy to follow approach is a powerful tool in both life and work management.  It is most aptly titled, Reflective Coaching Journal.  Highly Recommended.”  

Mr Ian Morley, Chairman, Wentworth Hall Consultancy.

“In this fast paced world we rarely take time to pause and reflect. In this pragmatic approach Clare offers us opportunity to utilize this under used but valuable skill by helping us make sense and meaning of our personal reflections and put together in usable actions. The visual layout and use of white space encourages you to start writing a reflective process in itself. Academically underpinned, user friendly resources like this book only serves to increase accessibility to this insightful practice.”  

Mr Andrew Woodvine on September 15, 2014

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