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Coaching for Conciliation and Mediation (Tuesday 26 January, 2021)

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We are delighted to be inviting two of our gradates Mana Al Ansari, Employment Standards Office Counsel, and Luigia Ingianni, Commissioner, Employment Standards Office, Qatar Financial Centre Authority, to deliver what will be a thought-provoking and relevant session to all professionals, and a topic that can positively transform all our communication with families, communities and systemically:

‘Coaching for Conciliation and Mediation’

Mana and Luigia practice as conciliators of workplace disputes, bringing together decades of experience in this field.  The coaching techniques they use to resolve disputes amicably can be used in your daily life, to unlock human interactions in all relationships, positively impacting all involved.

“In this session you will hear our stories and experience on conciliation and mediation in workplace conflicts, what succeeded and what failed plus how coaching techniques in conciliation and mediation can make any conflicts potentially meaningful and productive for all parties, unlocking human interactions in every relationship in life”. Mana and Luigia.

To support your attendance from various time zones, they have kindly offered to deliver the same session twice live on Tuesday the 26 January. Do register your place in advance.


Session One:

11:am CET

Online via Zoom:

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Session Two: (repeat session live)

6:00pm CET

Online via Zoom:

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See you there!