The BMC faculty provide ICF ACTP, ACSTH and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovatve experiential style.


Virtual Learning: CoachME Team Coaching Certificate



Special May 2020 Investments
*DATES MAY AND JUNE 2020 MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS 12.30pm to 2.30pm EAST COAST US, 5.30pm-7.30pm GMT UK, 7.30pm-9.30pm*

*Option 3 and above include a TAP360 – Team Advance Profile, our 360-degree feedback tool for you to use with a team.
All sessions will be recorded and 70+% live on-line attendance is required.
The CoachME Team Coaching Certificate is delivered in English and Arabic.

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Special May 2020 Investments

*DATES MAY AND JUNE 2020 MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS 12.30pm to 2.30pm EAST COAST US, 5.30pm-7.30pm GMT UK, 7.30pm-9.30pm*

Level 6 Team Coaching
(Options) Certificate of Attendance*Professional Certificate*Diploma Certification


“Great programme, great people, great insights…”
Alexandre Goubin PCC, Director, Operating Model and Commercial Optimization, LEGO Group, Munich


  • Option 1
    Certificate of Attendance in Team Coaching – 21 ICF CCE (21 CCE Core Curriculum live and interactive online) $900 gaining you CoachME Foundation Team Coach status.

  • Option 2
    Certificate of Attendance in Team Coaching – 25 ICF CCE (21 CCE Core Curriculum live and interactive online and 4 CCE Resource Development as Group Super-vision of team coaching cases also live and interactive on line) $1100 gaining you CoachME Practitioner Team Coach status*

  • Option 3
    Professional Certificate in Team Coaching – 35 ICF CCE (21 CCE Core Curriculum live and interactive online and 4 CCE Resource Development as Group Super-vision of team coaching cases also live and interactive on line, plus 10 hours Resource Development on research and reflective assignments TOTAL 35 CCE) $1250 gaining you CoachME Organizational Coach status*

  • Option 4
    Professional Certificate in Team Coaching – 35 ICF CCE (21 CCE Core Curriculum live and interactive online and 4 CCE Resource Development as Group Super-vision of team coaching cases also live and interactive on line, plus 12 hours Resource Development on research and reflective assignments and presentation of team case, plus 3 one-on-one mentor coaching sessions – TOTAL 40 CCE)
    All of Level 4 plus 3×1:1 mentor coaching hours with one of our PCC or MCC Certified Coaches.
    $1750 gaining CoachME Organizational Coach status*

  • Diploma
    The certificate is the compulsory initial stage of the full Certification: Diploma in Team Coaching – 127.5 CCE – dates to be announced Summer 2020 – $3950 gaining you CoachME Certified Team Coach status*

*Option 3 and above include a TAP360 – Team Advance Profile, our 360-degree feedback tool for you to use with a team.
All sessions will be recorded and 70+% live on-line attendance is required.

“Delighted to join coaches in this program that enables us to understand and apply best practices to team coaching projects”
Adriana Meyer, Business Psychologist and Executive Coach, Quality Assurance Advisory Services, Heriot-Watt University


TAP into Team Coaching


Led by ICF MCCs and PCC, with a range of experiences in team coaching, this certificate programme provides access to the same high-quality content and practice sessions as our in-person delivery mode.

You will have ample opportunities to interact with our experienced faculty and other students in your clan.
The Certificate forms the foundation of our CoachME Team Coaching Diploma and also stands as up to 40 ICF CCE hour (both core competency and resource development including super-vision on your team cases).
The core content includes:

  • pitching and being an advocate for team coaching
  • what is ‘pure’ team coaching
  • tools and techniques for online and face-to-face team coaching
  • developing your signature presence
  • establishing scope and pricing
  • gathering data
  • building relationships
  • group supervision of your team coaching
  • team coaching process
  • ‘how to’ team coach
  • 7 Cs of key learning
  • diagnostics for team type and team 360 data from stakeholders
  • ensuring a systemic lens
  • assessing return on investment (RoI), and
  • ethics.


Key learning outcomes:

This programme will enable you to:

  • Explore the difference between a group and a team
  • Investigate team effectiveness, the conditions that support it and how it can be measured
  • Understand the process of team coaching and how this defines the partnership of a team coach
  • Gain a grounding in contemporary team coaching skills, models and concepts, as well as the know-how to apply them
  • Experiment with contracting and establishing clear objectives for team coaching engagements
  • Discover the need for bringing a systems lens into team coaching
  • Consider team coaching readiness and how to prepare a team for coaching
  • Work with diagnostics, and their use and application in team coaching data
  • Practice team coaching within a safe learning environment
  • Interpret and use data from individual team preference and the CoachME TAP360 profile


Why choose to study virtually rather than in a live session?

  • Easier to schedule 2 x 2 hour sessions a week rather than 3 consecutive days
  • Study and practice without the need to travel
  • Practice and reflect at your own pace through delivery of smaller bite sized learning to absorb the learnings over a longer period of time
  • Experience super-vision on team coaching following practice on your teams
  • Be fully prepared to coach virtual teams
  • Practice in small groups or pairs using virtual breakout rooms
  • Live sessions are recorded for review in your own time
  • Weekly feedback means the course leader stays connected to your learning needs and works iteratively to meet them.


Additional Information

The CoachME Team have been successfully coaching teams globally across sectors moving them to higher performance in terms of processes, communication, critical learning and results, using the unique CoachME Model. We also ensure that this programme shares the many psychometrics and other tools that can be used for team type and team level diagnosis of strengths and development areas. Our TAP360 ‘Team Advance Profile’ enables teams to TAP into their full high-performance potential, and one complementary report for a team you are working with is provided with this programme.
We know that team coaching can transform people, teams and organisations and now with this virtual inclusive programme available fully on-line, you can ensure you are providing best quality, thorough, ‘pure’ team coaching.
Our unique team coach competency frame work enables you to reflect upon where you are at as a team coaching practitioner, and we support you through coaching supper-vision, and sharing of our experiences, on your journey to mastery. This certificate programme is the compulsory foundation level of our 6-month diploma that provides 100+ ICF CCEs.
This programme can also be delivered in Arabic upon request and with 8-15 participants attending.


TAP into the high performing potential of your team!


To establish and sustain high-performing teams, ongoing 360 assessment is a requirement. TAP360 provides clear data on how different stakeholders perceive the team is performing in relation to a powerful, extensively researched model of team effectiveness.

The TAP360 profile has been designed to enable teams to obtain, analyse, learn from, and then act upon data from the team leader, team members and a variety of other stakeholders to support a positive way of working more effectively together in partnership with their systems.
It is suitable for boards, new teams, teams that perform well and want to become an even higher performing team, and also teams who are struggling or unsure about how their work is perceived by others in their system(s).
The data needs to be interpreted with contextual awareness, this being what the current situation is, for example, is the team a start-up, has the organisation had a recent merger or takeover, is it rapidly expanding, is it recovering from underperformance, is its purpose clear, what is happening systemically in the field/the sector it operates in?

Why TAP360?

The profile indicates areas where your team need to grow to be more effective in delivering the best results for the various stakeholders. It provides a sound framework that can be used to drill into needs by team leaders, external consultants or team coaches so that such partnerships can be most effective.
Key points:

  • Questionnaires are circulated and populated online for ease of distribution and consolidation
  • All questionnaire responses are captured and saved instantly on our secure online database to ensure that confidential feedback will not be compromised
  • The collection of written comments ensure absolute clarity around areas where specific feedback is required
  • Supporting development workshops from our global team support the development of action plans
  • Strict 360° feedback ethical guidelines are upheld



TAP360 provides invaluable insights in terms of ratings, and also narrative. The themes have been carefully selected and aligned to substantiated research on high performing teams, whilst also being mapped to the CoachME Team Coaching Model ™. It addresses both internal dynamics and processes, as well as external relationship and impact for stakeholders.


The profile allows for a range of respondents to input data (certain categories can be omitted as required):

  Team Leader 

  Team Members 

  Key Stakeholder 

  Internal stakeholder(s) 

  External stakeholder(s) 

  Other(s)
The respondents confidentially rate statements and the results show how all raters perceive the team’s strengths and development areas in terms of the 8 facets of the CoachME Team Coaching Model™ being: 

Skills (drawing upon the team level skills, working to close skills gaps, adapting and using new skills that are required) 
Knowledge (thoroughly drawing upon the knowledge of the team and researching to close knowledge gaps) 
Behaviours (the team’s attitude, values and mindset, acting as a real team, team leadership) 
Action (the way results are delivered, responsiveness and how effective communication is) 
Results (the creativity, quality, quantity, speed and cost) 
Transition Planning (including coping with setback, working iteratively, managing dependencies, celebrating milestones) 
Reflection (reflecting upon processes, systems, relationships, and applying the learning, then reflecting again to improve incrementally) 
Systemic Focus (ensuring that the needs of internal and external stakeholders are addressed).

Ratings Data Analysis

Each graphed bar of data represents the average of the responses for that group of respondents. The maximum range of each graph is from -2 to 2. The actual range on each graph represents the minimum and maximum values of the data presented. 
This section of the profile provides you with detailed data in terms of the categories being rated and the specific collated data from the various stakeholders. This analysis ensures that the team is made aware of, not only specific areas of strengths and development areas, but also what the stakeholders are unsure of in terms of the competencies of the team. This helps the team to identify key areas to sustain and grow, and others to develop to increase effectiveness. 


Click Here to View Sample Report



This section of the report provides you with narrative data from the various stakeholders in terms of what they believe the team needs to stop, start and continue doing, as well as the potential impact of working upon the suggestions provided.
Sample Narrative:
1. Stop changing decisions every couple of days; it is getting impossible; people are frustrated.  
2. We need to stop working on individual agendas and solo strategies. Alignment is required with the new management and HQ, with clear communication and strategy from the top.  
3. We have 5 staff, all are effective and work well together. So don’t need to Stop anything. 
4. Mixed messages and politics from other departments.  
5. Worrying about job security and complaining about the archaic computer system used by ZBrand.  
6. Wasting time, communicate better and deliver results.  


What if… 

This final section provides an interactive roadmap to adhere to what the report is revealing. It supports you in moving further on the journey of being a high performing team, to enhance the value the team is providing, and ways to partner with a CoachME Team Coach on the journey.
The Team Performance Profile is a rich multi-rater instrument providing feedback to the whole team from its own members and those it works with. It has been used successfully across sectors with team coaching, problem solving, change management and project management. It stands as an ideal coaching and consultancy tool to enable real insight into areas the team can focus upon to shift and positively transform what it does and how it does it.

Training on using TAP360

We provide complementary training on administering and feeding back TAP360 data on our Certificate in Team Coaching (ICF approved, up to 40 CCEs) and we also provide one-on-one or group 2 hours TAP360 Professional User license certificate in the tool live on-line (1.5 ICF CCE). The latter one-on-one is a one-off cost of $345.
If you already have experience of feeding back 360 psychometrics, performance management data, and coaching teams, you may be exempt from this short programme. Email office@bekett-mcinroy.com if you wish to share your experience.
This training includes:

  • Initial conversations with the executive sponsor/team leader
  • Gaining buy-in/’selling’ TAP360 with a compelling rationale
  • Setting up the profile online
  • Coaching around the data – deciding what to share when, and with whom
  • Action planning to design a road map to act upon the data to deliver exemplary results


Purchasing TAP360

Each time you purchase a TAP360 for a team you are working with the one-off charge is $485. Options are also available for large yearly purchases. 

CoachME Team Coach Support

Our trained and experienced PCC and MCC Coaches can also support you with your teams. Please contact us to ascertain scope and bespoke pricing depending on your needs.

CoachME Team Coaching Floor Mats

To support interactive work with your teams, we also provide our CoachME Floor mat in over 15 languages to enable your teams to really step into the facets of the model and experience somatically and kinesthetically ways to shift behaviour and mindsets. These floor mats can be shipped globally.
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