The BMC faculty provide ICF Levels one, two, three and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovative experiential style.

Diagnostic Tools

The BMC Team comprises of qualified Occupational Psychometrists and Career Advisers who are registered with the British Psychological Society (www.bps.org.uk).   We will provide one-to-one or team feed-forward as well as experiential learning activities to take you to the next level by closing gaps in skills, knowledge and behaviours.

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      Saville     Morrisby

      Curious how psychometric profiling can enhance your career choices?  

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      The Morrisby psychometric assessments are designed for:

      • Careers:  Suggestions, career information, career requirements and routes to careers.

      • Options at 13/14:  GCSEs, IGCSEs, Scottish Nationals.

      • Options at 16:  A-Levels, IBs, Pre-Us, BTECs, Scottish Highers.

      • Options at 18:  Higher education, subjects, courses, universities, apprenticeships, and further education.

      • Planning:  Pathways, helping keep options open, and interviews.

      To see a sample Careers Report please click here:  Morrisby Sample Careers Report

      Information for students and delegates can be found here:  Morrisby Online – Information for Students.

      Information for schools, colleges, parents and career advisers can be found here: Morrisby Online – Information for Parents.

      Visit https://www.morrisby.com/Why-Morrisby  to explore why people choose the Morrisby Career Report.


      Please click the links below to see our extensive catalogue of profiling tools which are available in a variety of languages including English and Arabic.

      Visit www.savilleconsulting.com/saville-consulting-wave-preparation-guides-and-advice to explore how the assessments are administered.

      Click here to download a summary the Saville Psychometric Assessments: Summary Saville Wave Profiling Tools


      Sample Leadership Impact 360 Report (C-suite competencies)

      Sample MY Self Premium Report

      Sample Professional Styles Leadership Impact Expert Report

      Sample Professional Styles Expert Report

      Sample Performance 360 Degree Feedback Profiling Report (Director and Manager competencies)

      Sample Job Profile Report

      Sample Entrepreneurial Report

      Sample Competency Based Interview Guide

      Sample Employee Development Report

      Sample Sales Report

      Sample Professional Styles Work Roles Report

      Sample Professional Type Report

      Sample Operational Strengths Report

      Sample Customer Service Strengths

      Sample Administrative Strengths

      Sample Commercial Strengths

      Sample Strengths Interview Guide

      Sample Comprehension Aptitudes

      Sample Verbal and Numerical Aptitude

      Sample Executive Aptitudes

      Sample Analysis Aptitudes

      Sample Technical Aptitudes

      Sample Workplace English Customer Services

      Sample Workplace English Health Care

      Sample Workplace English Hospitality

      Sample Workplace English Office

      Sample Workplace English Operations


      نقدم اختبارات القياس النفسي و نعد التقارير باللغة العربية.

      Arabic Work Strengths Environment Report

      Arabic Work Strengths Behavioural Profile

      Arabic Swift Executive Aptitude Pace Report

      Arabic Professional Styles Personal Report

      Arabic Professional Styles Line Manager Report

      Arabic Professional Styles Expert Report