The BMC faculty provide ICF ACTP, ACSTH and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovative experiential style.





“SUPERvision is opening all the windows and doors, breathing in fresh air, seeing everything from different perspectives, staying grounded, and at your growth-edge…”

Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy ICF MCC & Registered Mentor Coach, EMCC MP & ESIA


LEVEL 7 (UK Qualification Framework)


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Induction  – Tues. 11 Jan. 2022



 1 – Tues. 18 Jan. 2022
Why Coaching SUPERvision? Supervision competencies. Contracting. Preparing yourself. Reflective journaling. 

2 – Tues. 25 Jan. 2022
Elements of SUPERvision. Authority, presence, and impact. Pricing, pitching and promotion. Signature Presence.

Peer SUPERvision out of class hours begins in triads.

3 – Tues. 01 Feb. 2022 
Competencies – a deep dive I. Theories, models, and resources. Giving and receiving feedback. Reflective practice.

4 – Tues. 15 Feb. 2022 
Nuances of 1:1 and group Coaching SUPERvision. Internal and external Coaching SUPERvision. SUPERvision on SUPERvision. 

5 – Tues. 22 Feb. 2022 
Competencies – a deep dive II. Wide lens and fine details. ‘STAY’. Managing progress and results. Dealing with difficult situations.

6 – Tues. 01 Mar. 2022 
On-line and face-to-face. Using on-line tools in Coaching SUPERvision. Laser focus and ‘fierce courage’ with intention. 

7 – Tues. 08 Mar. 2022 
A systemic lens in Coaching SUPERvision. Synergy – putting it all together. Ongoing reflective practice.

8 – Tues. 15 Mar. 2022 
SUPERvising Team Coaches. Creating powerful and deep experiential SUPERvision activities.

9 – Tues. 22 Mar. 2022 

Playing with creations. SYNERGY. Preparing for final presentations.

10 – Presentations Tues. 29 Mar. 2022


$4,950 / £3,690 for full Certification (Inc. VAT and SUPERvision on SUPERvision, Excluding Bank Charges)

$3295 / £2,495 without assessment – Professional Certificate only, Inc. VAT and Excluding Bank Charges) 


Installments available upon request.

 *Successful completion of all assessment elements required for Certification

**Limited places available to ensure optimum learning environment




CoachME is delighted to be delivering this professional development programme in-line for experience Coaches who wish to focus on, or learn and experience for the first, time the skills, knowledge and behavioral competencies required for providing impactful Coaching SUPERvision.


Professional Certificate / Certification in Coaching SUPERvision

This programme is designed to take you, step-by-step, through the key SUPERvision models and the CoachME Model that we use for SUPERvision too. You will learn personally, professional and for the benefit of your clients – plus the wider systems that they live and work in.



Join a small group of passionate professionals in this deep development experience. Grow your courage, confidence, capability, and kudos through in-depth learning and practical application through experiential, contextually based techniques, approaches, experiments, and enquiries.


This program is suitable for coaches embarking on Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and Master Certified Coach (MCC) credentialing as you experience Coaching SUPERvision from ‘the other side’ whilst also gaining advanced training and up to 48 ICF CCEu.


We encourage you to be a reflective practitioner from the get-go.


Together we partner to clarify what SUPERvision is and is not, topics Coaches bring to SUPERvision, ways of contracting and working ethically in SUPERvision, SUPERvision as an internal and external SUPERvisor, and ways of creating a psychologically safe space for learning to take place.


This program has been submitted for approval for 48 ICF CCEs and is at Level 7 (UK Qualification Framework), therefore, an advanced coach training where you will further develop your own coaching, including knowing, understanding and being able to apply a systemic lens in Coaching SUPERvision.


Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy ICF MCC and Registered Mentor Coach, EMCC Master Practitioner and Accredited SUPERvisor (ESIA), and Certified Agile Coach, polished her Coaching Supervision at Henley Business School with some of the leading SUPERvisors, Professor Peter Hawkins, Nick Smith and Jonathan Passmore. She created this programme, mapped to the CoachME Model, combining learning from multiple experiences of SUPERvision, including Team Coaching SUPERvision, One-on-one and Group SUPERvision.


The program is delivered over 10 modules live online over 5 months and it includes ongoing practice, reflections and reading, culminating in an assessment of your Coaching Supervision as well as SUPERvision on SUPERvision.


This program is for coaches who have at least 40 hours of synchronous coach training (ICF approved, accredited or equivalent e.g. ILM).



  • Develop in-depth understanding of the different roles a Coach SUPERvisor may have and the specific distinction of Mentor Coaching and SUPERvision (therapy and consulting and traditional supervision and mentoring) for Credentialing.
  • Be able to apply ICF Core Competencies in Coaching SUPERvision.
  • Work confidently indicating a clear competence when organizing, facilitating and ending SUPERvision sessions both on-line live and face-to-face in person.
  • Experience giving and receiving feedback whilst practicing the learning of the program both verbally and in writing.
  • Know, understand, and effectively apply the roles and responsibilities of a Coach SUPERvisor for ICF CCE for Coaches – Professional Development purposes, as well as for restoring, resourcing, and benchmarking practice.
  • Pricing, pitching, and promoting internal and external Coaching SUPERvision.


“As a CoachME Faculty Member I attended the very first delivery of this programme for my own professional development as staying at our ‘growth edge’ is part of our values. I have been supervised and yet seeing things from a different angle was an amazing experience, as was learning from and with Dr Clare our Founder, and of course, the other amazing global coaches too. I have seen this programme grow in terms of delivery modes live face-to face and synchronous on-line, content, and sophisticated assessment tools. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to take a really deep dive into coaching SUPERvision…” Sameera Baba PCC


“This is a fabulous programme in terms of content, delivery, structure and learning. It has not only enabled me to truly understand and be able to practice Coaching SUPERvision, it has definitely improved my coaching capacity too… I highly recommend this programme… extremely engaging… fun… it’s Level 7 so it’s rigorous and substantiated by key models and research… As a returning trainee with CoachME, I knew it would be nothing less…Dr Laurence Brown, Head of School Improvements (150+ schools), SIQA, The City School Group, Pakistan



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