(forbes.com) Team Coaching: Connecting With Systemic Intelligence

Coaching a team is energizing, complex, gratifying, fun, surprising and challenging work. In fact, it is all of that and so much more.

This article shares one activity that a team coach can enable the team to “play with” to deepen learning and enable positive transformational, long-lasting impact to take place. It can also enable the team to notice what enables them to perform at their best.

Team coaching and its complexity.

Team coaching takes place in a visible environment — live online or in person. It builds on the layers of relationships in the room and beyond while acknowledging potential power struggles with team leaders and team members, strategic needs, team purpose, clients’ voices, the regulator’s rule and so forth. Amid these many struggles and conflicting voices, tapping into the knowledge in the system and uncovering what is not being said is invaluable. This requires deep listening, a kind of listening beyond words to pick up on nonverbal cues and what they mean as well.

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