The BMC faculty provide ICF Levels one, two, three and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovative experiential style.


CoachME Team Coach Reflective Journal


This 78 page complementary professional Reflective Team Coaching Journal will guide you through a variety of ways to reflect both in and on practice. We really value reflective practice individually, with co-coaches and with coach supervisors. We have included a practical rubric for you to benchmark your reflections, as well as pages where you can record your thoughts in narrative or sketches. In addition to research on team coaching, we have included the detailed version of the #CoachME Model Team Coaching Competencies. You will also find thought-provoking quotes to stimulate your team coaching depth and breadth throughout the journal. #Happyjournaling



Created by Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy ICF Master Certified Coach and Mentor Coach, EMCC Master Practitioner and Accredited Coach Supervisor, with Sameera Baba ICF Professional Certified Coach, Senior CoachME Faculty (Arabic and English) and Entrepreneur.



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