The BMC faculty provide ICF Levels one, two, three and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovative experiential style.


CoachME Team Coaching


If you  would like to discuss team coaching with one of our team, feel free to reach out to arrange a conversation: simon@beckett-mcinroy.com 


Why Team Coaching with a Systemic Focus?


Team coaching is the art and science of enabling a team, at team level, to perform at their best, address the needs of their stakeholders, refine their process, communicate internally and externally effectively and connect with their purpose.


As highly qualified and experienced systemic team coaches who have worked across sectors globally we have a proven record and award-winning formula where we blend team building, facilitating, ‘pure’ experiential team coaching and agile coaching, through challenge and support, to maximise its performance, create sustainable impact, work resiliently, stay abreast of their field and enjoy the benefits that being a part of a meaningful team offers. 


Research continues to identify team coaching as a transformational high-impact methodology and developmental tool, for new teams, boards, teams-of-teams and project teams to navigate complexity and  deliver extraordinary results for themselves, their organisation and external stakeholders.



In what ways does CoachME Team Coaching work?


Our experience shows that teams continue to have: 

  • Increased challenges with fewer resources 
  • Ambitious goals
  • Targets unaligned with the wider organisational strategy and culture
  • Unclear or obsolete decision-making processes
  • Ineffective communication 
  • Unproductive stakeholders’ management strategy
  • Insufficient trust among the team members
  • Avoidance of difficult conversations 
  • Increased level of anxiety and discomfort in the working environment


Such obstacles like these can create dramatic negative impact on the overall business performance. This is increased when they involve boards or directive teams managing entire businesses, functions or divisions. This is why team coaching is an effective solution to the health of the organisations and their people.


As CoachME Team Coaches we support your teams by increasing awareness of ‘as is’, we gather 360 data to ascertain strengths and development areas, then we co-create and iterative roadmap. 


Our Team

We are proud to offer you our outstanding global team of ICF MCCs and PCCs with Post Graduate Diplomas and Advanced Certifications in team coaching (ICF ACTC), EMCC MPs and SPs, Team Coaching SUPERvisors, many of whom have trained with us or who are recruited following rigorous international standards and processes.


Our coaches draw on a wealth of experience across a wide range of disciplines (education, foreign direct investment, research, business science, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience) to support teams all over the world. Expertise is provided on:

  • Team foundation – establishing trust and solid processes for a newly formed team
  • Team transition – supporting teams through period of change and transition
  • Addressing stakeholders’ needs – connecting with the needs of various stakeholders and addressing these future- back i.e. what is needed down the line and what ways are we planning for, and making that happen now
  • Senior team coaching – supporting CEOs and their teams to develop performance, envision the future and deliver extraordinary results for the organisation
  • Navigating complexity – supporting senior teams to successfully navigate change and complexity through adaptability
  • Strategic direction – facilitating high level teams in creating and ‘activating’ a compelling vision, strategy and culture for the future
  • Managing conflicts – supporting conflict emergence, management and transformation to liberate team potential



What does a typical team coaching project look and feel like?

Each team coaching programme is bespoke addressing your unique context, goals and needs. CoachME Team Coaching may include:


Team Coaching Readiness

Initial sensing of the readiness for team coaching, the buy-in from the team and the commitment to the time and effort required to improve


Consulting and Clarifying

During this initial phase we gain an initial understanding of your requests and needs. We scope out the project, identifying key indicators and measures for success.


Kick-off and Co-Creating

We hold a kick-off meeting with your team, briefing everyone about the aims and scopes of the programme, sharing our experiences, clarifying roles and supporting psychological safety for the work together to have impact.


Team Assessment and Reflection

We recommend our TAP360 ‘Team Advance Profile’ used by ICF Boards, LEGO, NGOs, to gather rating and narrative data on the teams’ process, performance and impact. This will identify strengths, motivational forces and areas for further development as well as acting as a benchmark for measuring return on investment and expectations. 


Here is our brochure which details this unique tool: 




Intake interviews and Triangulation

We may undertake interviews with individuals in the team, as well as other stakeholders, to build rapport and trust with the coaches. Participants will learn about the methodology and aims of team coaching, then we will support them to identify personal learning goals.


Team Development

As a way to directly address the main goals and priorities of a team we often begin the team coaching project with intensive Team Development workshops, ideally off-site in person, or live online. Your team’s vision and goals are clarified and aligned, and the team starts action planning the priority initiatives to enhance its processes, navigate conflicts and develop positive relationships and working culture. 


Team Coaching sessions

Sessions are of variable length and aim to enable your team in delivering results while developing effective processes and functional relational dynamics. During the sessions, the Coach provides ‘TOOTS’ (time out of time) objective feedback, observations and a reflective space to build team awareness, challenge unproductive dynamics, enable learning to be used and leverage strengths.


Sessions may include stakeholder mapping, the ‘history’ of the team including working with ‘ghosts’ in the system (people who may have left the team but still have impact), communication dynamics, generative thinking skill drills, analysis of the 360 data, and immunity to change experiential learning sessions.



Together we complete a final team evaluation session, often repeating the TAP360 assessment, at the end of the team coaching programme. This is where, as a team you reflect on your learning and achievements, celebrate successes and maps out the road ahead. After this stage, we can also undertake an ROI (Return On Investment) analysis to ensure we have met or exceeded your success measures.


Our process map for team coaching with a systemic focus:




If you  would like to discuss team coaching with one of our team, feel free to reach out to arrange a conversation: simon@beckett-mcinroy.com