The BMC faculty provide ICF ACTP, ACSTH and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovative experiential style.




“Excellent job… powerful programme…”
Duha Al Madhoob, Senior Engineering Maintenance and Operation, Northern Area Municipality, Bahrain
“This is a life changing course….very professional and supportive.  Please keep me posted regarding future courses.”
Eman Al Mannai, General Manager, Sales and Business Development, Royal Ambassador
“The CoachME programme showed that coaching is very beneficial and applicable in workplace.”
Kamal Al Shihaby, CEO, Vigilance Consulting
“[this programme] …it changed my life!”
Shaima Abdulla, Founder of Trendy Palace and Co-founder of Square Meters Design Media, Bahrain
“The CoachME programme I attended was really transformational.”
Saleh Yousif Alansari, Strategy Consultant
“The CoachME programme was an incredible experience especially with all the  learning, motivation and fun in our clan!  The programme is well-designed and flexible; I would highly recommend it for anyone seeking professional accreditation in coaching. Many thanks to the BMC team.”
Amer Marhoon, Assistant Vice President, Organisation and Efficiency, BNP Paribas
“Excellent… A must attend programme… I highly recommend it for leaders and managers…” 
Waleed Fakhro, Project Manager, Hospitality, Bahrain Airport Company
“Taking part in the CoachME programme is the biggest gift I have ever given myself.  I genuinely think this programme is one of the most exciting, challenging and stimulating things I have ever done.”
Andrea Robson, Founder and CEO, Inspired Learning, Marbella, Spain
“This programme could not be more enjoyable and effective.  It was outstanding.  I would like to see such workshops and training being taught at school level for students and teachers alike.”
Ahmad Al-Abdrabbuh, Senior  EVP and Board Director, YOKOGAWA
“Excellent Lead Coach in Coach Training at QFBA… all the elements were useful, [most enjoyable] practical parts of the workshop…”
Rashid Almansoori, CEO Qatar Stock Exchange
“A practical, helpful and insightful course delivered by a consummate professional.  One of, if not, the best training course I’ve been on.”
Heather Hopper, UKTI, British Embassy, Bahrain
“One of the best workshops I have attended.” 
Ahmed Alabbasi, Head of Tenant Relations and Services, Bahrain Airport Company
“This truly has been the most enjoyable course I have ever attended.”
Abdul Aziz Al Wohaibi,  Head of Talent Management, Obeikan Investment Group, Saudi Arabia
“This is the best coaching course I have ever attended…”
Hussain Rajab Manager, Business Development, Bahrain Economic Development Board
“I just wanted to thank you for the opportunity afforded to me last week on your excellent Coaching course.  The whole experience was marvellous… your innate ability to relax the cohort and put us at ease was much appreciated from the get-go. …under your professional facilitation we gelled within the first hour which made optimal use of the next three days.  I wish to proceed beyond level one assessment and embrace your training into my professional mentoring here in Saudi Aramco.”
Dr. Laurence Hedley-Brown, Ed.D; BA(HONS); TEFL; Cert.Ed; PGCE(FE); MA., MSU Academic Program Chair, CA Professional Development Advisor, Saudi Aramco Oil
“Feed-forward was excellent from the Instructor (Dr Clare)… super… she scaffolded my learning endeavor very effectively…”
Dr Mohd Alansari, Advisor to Minister of Culture and Sport, Qatar
“What I learned about the Coaching Training is listening more than talking, 80/20, while trying to solve the issue. As for the trainer Dr. Clare ☺”
Sami Abdulla Saleh, Superintendent Payment and Settlement, CBB
“An excellent, well-organised and very well planned sessions which were effective and demonstrated thorough knowledge.”
Rammi Mokha, Quality Assurance Assistant Manager, BIBF
The CoachME Training programme was “…beyond expectations…”
Would you recommend this course? “YES”.
Dr Abdul Aziz Al Harr, CEO QFBA, Qatar
CoachME Foundations – “Very good beginner’s programme which was excellently delivered.”
Sumaitava Sengupta, GM Power and Sater Sales, YOKOGAWA
“…above expectations with unique teaching techniques…”
Mahmood Mohamed Mansoor, Manager, Asset, Bahrain Airport Company


“What a brilliant programme.  The delivery was so lively and passionate.”
Nacira Ferdjoukh, Head of Human Resources, Citibank
“Thank you for a fun and entertaining session delivered with such energy.  It was an effective learning experience.”
Imtiaz Ahmed, Senior General Manager, YOKOGAWA
“Thank you for the lovely learning experience that you have took us through, it was refreshing and beneficial.”
Areej Masoud, Training and Development Specialist, CEO Office, Information Technology Authority, Sultanate of Oman



“Dr Clare is a real example of a professional coach who is willing to go the extra miles to serve her clients. She has been coaching me through some difficult decisions and has helped me sail through without any regrets. Her ability to share insights from different perspectives has been really helpful.”
Layla Alqassab, Manager BNP Paribas MESA /Co-Active Coach CPCC

“Many thanks to Clare for her way of delivering and the valuable information she gave to us. She is a very professional Coach.”

Amal Abu El Hawa, Programme Manager, Taawon
“Dr. Clare Beckett-McInroy did an outstanding job serving as a consultant and trainer for our Crown Prince International Scholarship Candidacy Program (CPISP) during the summers of 2011 and 2012.  Our 60 candidates for the scholarship candidacy program have just completed their 11th year of education. Clare’s training and educational experience working with young people was an asset to their program. She administered and provided guidance to 60 candidates with psychometric profiling. For many of our young people, they had no idea of what their strengths and career aspirations may be.  She is very helpful and does an exceptional job counseling and coaching and providing insight to give these students confidence in themselves.”
Dr. Cynthia L. Gessling, Director, Crown Prince International Scholarship Program
“Clare is an extremely professional and enthusiastic coach with an engaging and dynamic style.  Her Knowledge and energy seem limitless inspiring you to look within and push beyond.”
Amy Morgan, Co-Founder and CEO Unisono
“The trainer Dr. Clare is excellent and knows what she is talking about.  I like her training style.  It’s my first time to attend with such a delivery style and I enjoyed it.”
Saber Alshehabi- Head of Procurement, CBB
“Dr. Clare was excellent, full of energy and very engaging.  Her delivery was one of the best.”
Abdul Algosaibi Manager, Bahrain Economic Development Board
“It’s great to have someone help you put things into perspective outside the box of preconditioned beliefs! Very professional, very friendly and absolutely worthwhile!  …best Business/Life Coach I’ve come across…  Thank you Clare, sincerely.”
Basma Nass
“Dr. Clare is one of the most enthusiastic colleagues I’ve worked with.  Motivated, punctual, manage time effectively and always initiated actions. She is wonderful with colleagues and students.”
Dr. Khaled Albaker, Senior Director at the Directorate of Government Schools Review –
“Clare is a professional, flexible coach who helps you understand where you are and pushes you to where you want to be.  She incorporates coping strategies and learning through challenging enquiries, always following through on promises.  I recommend her unreservedly.”
Terry Field, NAPD/Offshore Maintain Potential Projects Division, ARAMCO
“I wanted to have a psychometric profiling done for my daughter to assist her in selecting her future career. Initially hesitant, I approached Clare with some of my like-minded friends and she went ahead and did the profiling. I believe that with her analysis and discussions of the results, my daughter is well on her way to make the best choice for her career. Clare’s added inputs based on her experience, genuine helping attitude and excellent counselling skills made the difference.  I would definitely recommend Clare to all those who would like to have such profiling done.”
Shaukat Lokhandwala, Finance General Manager, Haji Hassan Group BSC(c)
“A qualified professional leader and researcher who performs her role with a focused vision, enthusiastic team spirit and results oriented mission while demonstrating clarity in communication and quality in meeting her target and serving others with a pleasant smile.  It is therefore, my pleasure to recognize her sincere interest in contributing to the learning and development of talent.”
Nezar Al Basri, PhD, Founding Owner & Chief Executive Consultant, Tamioz Management Consulting
“The trainer Dr. Clare is excellent and caring!”
Mohamed Jehad Tohami, Superintendent, Manpower Planning and Recruitment


“The trainers were aware, engaging and continuously challenging us.  They gave us feedback and guidance throughout…”

Eman Alsharif HR Manager, Bahrain Economic Development Board
“Vernice took us on a journey that enabled us to openly explore and assisted us in becoming clear on our objective.  Her great listening skills and direct communication style created a space to expand into direct perspectives.  We are excited about implementing our learning.”
Wendy Thompson, Founder and Principal, W.J. Thompson & Associates
“I’ve been very lucky to have the coaching sessions with Leire Garcia Galardi. She has helped me to go deepen my inner world that I had forgotten. She helped me to discover myself, and from there, start to build a new change.  I have started a new period of my life with a full awareness about myself. Leire’s Coaching has been daring, brave, challenging and very strong, but it has been soft and sweet as well.  I am grateful, not for what it has done for me, but for showing me who I am and all what it means.”
Bernat Moragas, Coach and Triathlete
“Smart Investment…I was initially skeptical of the value of taking two full days out of a busy schedule to attend a workshop. However, the carefully coordinated program in the professional hands of Adi and his team of passionate coaches proved to be a very smart investment indeed.  I was able to benefit on many different levels.  It has served as a springboard to regular professional coaching, which I firmly believe makes me more effective and focused in both my professional and private life.”
Michael Brooks, CEO, Financial Service Industry
“I found the coaching sessions with Caroline extremely useful.  The questioning allowed me to think objectively and clearly. Caroline provided a framework which I used to overcome the road blocks I could foresee which were preventing me and holding me back from making a decision.  I would, unreservedly, recommend Caroline as an Executive Coach.”
Francis Davies, Production Team Manager, WM Morrisons PLC
“We thoroughly enjoyed working with Clare and her colleagues. We felt the entire experience was beneficial to our team building and helped create feasible tools both in terms of client relations and in terms of internal team work. We would recommend Clare to anyone in the business of building strong working relationships, teamwork and client management.”
Safiya Khonji, Marketing Manager, Porsche Centre, Bahrain
“Vernice is an engaging, thoughtful and insightful professional with exemplary skills in talent development and career coaching. I have personally witnessed her command of large group training and individual one-on-one coaching. In fact, she provided me with invaluable personal career coaching using tools such as the LPI 360. Yet, it is her innate ability to process qualitative and quantitative data and apply the interpersonal dimension of real-life dynamics to provide a unique coaching experience.”
Mariano Alicea, Senior Vice President of Corporate Development
“Coaching is one of the most rewarding activities I have experienced in my life.  In the coaching sessions, masterfully directed by Leire, you have a space where you can find yourself and organize your thoughts, values ​​and goals. From my point of view, the Leire’s great achievement is her ability to guide you without influencing you. In some moments, you feel that you are alone, talking to your inner self.”
José Augusto Otero Martínez, Partner and Sales and Product, The Fun Plan
“As a business owner, working in the financial services sector, I have been extremely satisfied with the impact of Caroline’s coaching on my productivity, organisation and overall effectiveness as a service provider. Through her clear and focused coaching style she has enabled me to talk through and create a variety of new key systems and process which have had a tangible impact on the quality and quantity of my business.”
Piers Colegate, Harrison Financial Services, UK
“Coaching with Leire has meant a turning point in my professional life. It allowed me to see from different points of view, barriers, prejudices, fears and conflicts that brake mine initiatives in the past. With coaching I´ve improved my attitude and how to deal and develop in difficult circumstances. I’ve learned how to be more active and conscious of my personal and professional goals.”
Eva Joan, Fundraising & Sponsorship, Disseny Hub Barcelona
“Outstanding course developer, facilitator, instructor and coach!  During the course of a year-long executive leadership program, Vernice provided solid, relevant and effective executive training and coaching for 16 Emerging Leaders at our company.  Her depth of knowledge on topics ranging from effective communications to successfully navigating in the executive ranks set our Emerging Leaders on a path to success.”
Mike Jones, Chief Operating Officer
“My workshop with Adi and the team was both challenging and fun…Now I see a lot of improvement in other parts of my life.  My relationship to my colleagues improved significantly.  Because I feel a bit more comfortable with myself, I feel I have more room for other people.  I’ve started to see their agendas and to feel more compassionate.  People did notice my changes, too.  At work, I always felt like I was a stranger inside my own body.  I am still learning to unstick myself from the role I had slotted myself in.  I am starting to see other possibilities.”
Sumie Kawakami, Writer, Journalist and Translator
“Caroline is experienced on both a personal and professional level so it was very comforting to interact with someone that really knew what my circumstances felt like.  Caroline is also very genuine and extremely devoted and dedicated which made my coaching experience a life changing one.  I am very grateful for all the effort that Caroline had made with me that will enable me to realise all my hopes, dreams, goals and aspirations.”
Sarah Saade
“I worked closely with Darren as he was coordinating a large-scale leadership development project in the Middle East. Darren was consistently knowledgeable, energetic, and skilled in facilitating a constructive working relationship with the client’s talent management team. He assists clients in articulating their needs, selecting the tools and processes that will best address those needs. His strategic vision never clouds his bottom-line focus, and he can clearly communicate the value of talent assessment in terms understandable to the client.”
Eric Nelson, PhD, Owner, Lifetrack Consulting
“Great coaching!  To make a long story short, firstly, Coach Adi helped me to identify various problems and then act on them. Most of our problems are caused by ourselves.  He also taught me different techniques to listen to and understand others.  I realized that I wasn’t as good a listener as I thought it was.  In summary, through his various experiences, Coach Adi can help you by considering all angles and will assist by helping guide you to find and develop an attack strategy of your own.”
Barry Louie, Key Account Manager at Booking.com