The BMC faculty provide ICF Levels one, two, three and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovative experiential style.

Educational Consultancy


  • How to Build an effective, positive and productive team

  • Transformational leadership: talking the talk AND walking the walk

  • Key principles for being an effective leader and communicator

  • Time management and work-life balance

  • Managing organisational transition /uncertainty

  • Mentoring and Coaching in the Educational Leadership


‘Coaching in Education’ for Cambridge International Schools in Egypt and Jordan

  • Coaching for Teenagers

  • How to get the best from your students: mentoring and coaching skills

  • Performance Management and Feed-Forward

  • Conflict Resolution: Getting On in the Workplace

  • Effective Communication Strategies

  • Planning and using starters and plenaries

  • Teaching with confidence and creativity

  • Measuring Effective Teaching/Learning Outcomes

‘Coaching in Education’ at The British School Bahrain

  • Literacy across the curriculum – why is this so important?

  • Effective classroom management techniques

  • Conducting Qualitative Research (BA up to PhD level)

  • Instructional design and training delivery

  • Target Setting for School Improvement

  • How to prepare students for ‘going west’ to university in Europe/USA/Canada

  • How to become an outstanding teacher

  • The importance and practicalities of differentiation

  • Challenging and inspiring very able students

  • Technology in the modern classroom

  • Working with parents to maximise achievement

  • Child welfare: how to tackle the issue of bullying

  • Writing a school development plan

  • Learning style preferences and lesson planning

  • Questioning styles: asking the right questions

  • Mind-mapping skills

  • Effective meetings  (Managing, Recording and Follow-up)

  • Creativity in the Classroom (Creative Thinking and Problem Solving)

  • How to equip students with skills for ‘learning to learn’

  • Study Skills (critical reading, writing, exam and memory techniques – BA up to PhD Key level)

  • Communication skills for school leaders and middle managers

  • Careers Education and Guidance/university application preparation for guidance counsellors

  • How to motivate difficult students and tackle classroom management issues

  • Strategies for dealing with students who have specific needs

  • Team building and academic survival skills for students

  • Critical thinking skills


Eng Lang Teaching

  • Innovative techniques for teaching English as a Second Language

  • Raising achievement through effective speaking and listening skills

  • How to develop your students’ listening skills

  • Teaching students how to write to argue and persuade

  • Why using Literature can enrich English language learning

  • How to get your class talking in English

  • Teaching strategies for writing to argue and persuade

  • Planning English lessons – where to start

  • Assessment for learning in the English classroom

  • Outstanding learning and progress in English

  • Promoting reading and the school library

  • Developing the writing skills of English learners

  • How to teach descriptive writing

  • Literacy in English: a whole school issue