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Networking Know How©

Networking Know How©, the first in the CoachME© series, is unique and a must read. It is alive with stories from of 40 international professionals who share their successes and reflections on how to widen your net and make it work for you. Written in a coaching style, by Dr Clare Beckett-McInroy (EdD, MAEd, ICF MCC & ACTC, EMCC MP & ESIA, ICP-ACC), a learning and development expert and certified executive coach, it provides you with opportunities to ‘have a go’ at challenging your beliefs through activities that make you more aware of who you are being and they ways you need to interact. Implement the strategies in this book and the quality of your networking will dramatically improve. If you want to know how to network with skill and an enthusiastic mindset, in a calculated manner, flip the pages and enjoy the ride.

Dim the lights. Start up the music. Raise the curtain. Are you ready to take your first public step to tread the boards? Now take a photograph. Capture this moment vividly in your mind. It’s the place you’ll end up after working through this book. And the difference between now and then is that you’ll be properly prepared…

“Networking Know How is an extraordinary book about one of today’s most critical subjects – networking. Read it and learn how to develop a network that will help you reach your potential!”  

Marshall Goldsmith, Author of the New York Times bestsellers, MOJO and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

“Such a useful tool for people at all stages of their careers… In ‘CoachME – Networking Know How’, the author has assembled a toolbox useful for anyone wanting to progress in his/her career or life – or having progressed into a position in which these skills do not come naturally. So many of us are uncomfortable in social situations which require us to present ourselves more confidently. This step-by-step guide holds our hand to increase that self-confidence.”  

Dr Laurence Lyons, Director of The Metacorp Group, Leadership Coaching Consultancy

“This book is not just for the young professional, student, charity worker or entrepreneur. It’s not just for those people who are ‘starting out’. The insight and exercises will actually help people from all stages of career or life to know and understand networking in the 21st Century a whole lot better…”

Ronald Stones OBE, Director, Ronald Stones Consulting

“This is a very practical guide to an important and often under analyzed topic.”

Ronan Dodworth, Managing Director of Solstice IT Ltd, Business Intelligence Consultancy Firm

“This book was a fun and accessible way for me to refresh my networking ‘toolbox’. It presented complex ideas in an easy to understand way. These ideas can be immediately incorporate it into my daily routine. I also appreciated the interactive elements that are sprinkled throughout the book. They allowed me to reflect after each chapter and draw upon my own life experiences – exponentially increasing the ‘take-home’ value.”  

Peter Olson, OD Specialist

“I really enjoyed reading this book!”

Faisal Khalid Kanoo, Director, YBA Kanoo WLL

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