(forbes.com) Team Coaching: Is The Team Ready?

This article will enable you to understand the reason for checking to see if teams are ready to be coached. This important process, conducted in the initial stages, can save time, energy and money for team coaches and for the businesses they’re working with.

I have worked externally across global sectors, with experience including agile coaching, 360-degree psychometric profiling and creating coaching cultures with an award-winning formula. I presently work internally as a systemic executive and team coach as a service provider, while also developing coaching capacity with leaders and people managers.

In complex organizations, it is paramount to ensure that resources are used to their optimum, where a courageous desire for team coaching is present, where need exists and where the team, team leader and (where relevant) executive sponsor are all ready to practice what is being learned.

What happens if team coaching readiness is not considered? If teams are not fully aware of what systemic team coaching is — a focus on positive transformation through listening to the voices of the whole system — and if they are unwilling to change or if they do not listen to 360-degree feedback to understand various perspectives, then resources are wasted, impact is not created and the value that team coaching provides could have been used more effectively with another team.

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