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Career and Academic/Vocational Course Profiling by Certified Coaches, Psychometrists and Guidance Counsellors


Do you need guidance with your career decisions, course selection and self-development?

Our team of qualified and experience Career Coaches, Psychometrists and Guidance Counsellors have supported hundreds of students over the past 20 years. By assessing ability and personality traits, psychometrics have been proven to ensure you pursue courses and careers that match your strength, meaning that you are more likely to be happy and successful.

Additional Coaching packages available.
Assessment and feedback can all be done online.


What are psychometric tests?

Psychometrics is concerned with the measurement of various human abilities and attributes using various instruments, particularly questionnaires and tests. Use of psychometric tools is very popular in areas such as course selection, recruitment, staff and personal development, guidance and team building to name but a few.

Online Assessments offers an effective and easy assessment for career planning discussions.

Following an on-line diagnostic assessment, our Coaches then enable you to discover options, choose the right path, support your applications and essays, prepare you for interview and even plan for your transition into new environments. We also provide on-line Caching packages for when you start university to support you around time management, making new friendships, work-life balance and fulfillment.

Our psychometric tools are effective for career transition for both adults and teenagers aged 14+ because they use international norm group of over 1000 people at your level as a benchmark against your results. We help you understand your ability and personality traits to ensure challenge and happiness in your course or career.

You will be given personalised careers and education advice, to help you choose options and make informed decisions about study pathways and career opportunities.

Why take a test?

International research shows the following return on investment are:

  • Future self/goal clarification
  • Focused, motivated, work ready young people
  • Clear course and career decision making
  • Self-awareness (abilities and personality) and opportunity awareness
  • Career progression planning
  • Synergy between education, skills, training and the world of work
  • Increased economic development
  • Shift catalysts, future coaches and mentors • Increased economic, social and cultural capital.

You will be given personalised careers and education advice, to help you choose options and make informed decisions about study pathways and career opportunities.

How do I choose between Morrisby Career Profile or Saville My Self assessments?

Saville My Self

The questionnaire measures an individual’s potential talents across a range of areas in the workplace.

Test Structure

This report is easy to understand and includes information on the following areas:

  • Signature Strengths: behaviors that the individual prefers to exhibit and the type of organizational culture they are suited to
  • Challenge Areas: areas that the individual finds more difficult to demonstrate ability in
  • Career Area Chart: shows the career options which are most likely to suit the person and maximize their strengths
  • Career Area Fit: provides more detail about the top three career areas to which the person is most suited


  • Provides beneficial career planning information
  • Gives an accurate insight into how the individual behaves
  • Provides constructive development tips
  • Highlights the career area and culture the individual is best suited to
  • Draws upon extensive research into what constitutes successful performance
  • Short completion time


Morrisby Career Profile

This produces a profile of abilities, personality types, interests, preferred work styles and learning styles.

This test has been used with Xerox, Bank of Ireland, Saudi Arabian Airlines, KYB Kanoo, University of Bath and other prestigious universities, many international schools and the Crown Prince’s International Scholarship Programme (CPISP Bahrain).

The Morrisby Profile provides a complete psychological picture of a candidate. The aptitude tests provide information on potential future work performance. The system is flexible and can be used across all levels of selection, but also to identify development or training needs.


It helps people make informed choices, realise aspirations, achieve career success and satisfaction.

Test Structure

  • Abstract reasoning
  • General Abilities: Verbal, Numerical and Perceptual aptitudes
  • Practicality: Spatial and Mechanical aptitudes
  • General work approach and preferred learning style
  • Basic Personality Structure such as awareness and flexibility, commitment and confidence, team and leadership style
  • Dexterity: Manual speed and skill.





  • MY SELF online assessment
  • Report provided in a variety of languages including English or Arabic
  • One to One feedback/coaching session available upon request


  • Morrisby Profile online assessment
  • Report provided in English
  • One to One feedback/coaching session available upon request

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My Self, Morrisby Career Profile