The BMC faculty provide ICF Levels one, two, three and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovative experiential style.


Team Coaching Conversion for AATC for ACTC


September 4th 2024 to October 16th 2024, 4.30pm to 6.30pm UK time.


February 5th February to March 19th 2025, 4.30pm to 6.30pm UK time.

Pre-requisites:  CoachME Level 6 or equivalent Team Level Coach Training (minimum 30 hours) – to be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Includes 10 hours live team coaching training, 10 recorded hours and 5 hours of group supervision.

USD $1,550 for CoachME Level 6 graduates, USD $1,695 if completed a comparable team coaching course.

Contact us today to book your place or for more information: simon@beckett-mcinroy.com 

This programme is also available in person in your country or organisation upon request for 8+ people.


Included in this programme is training and optional assessment on our unique TAP360 ‘Team Advance Profile’ that has been used by International Coaching Federation (ICF) Boards, LEGO Group, schools, NGOs and universities.








  Do you have training and experience in team coaching?

  Would you like to attend a programme with the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Coaching Impact Award-winning training provider for 2023?

  Do you wish to learn with a global cohort of professionals and International Coaching Federation (ICF) Master Practitioners who also hold International Coaching Federation’s (ICF) Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC), who are E European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) Master Practitioners (MP) in Team Coaching and European SUPERvision Individual Award (ESIA) Team Coaching SUPERvisors?

  • Are you ready to partner with teams to enable them to optimise their performance and impact?

  • Do you need to work on your value proposition as a team coach?

  • Do you need to develop approaches that are simple, creative and effective for working with teams?

  • Are you interested in AI and CoachTech developments for use with team coaches?

  • Do your teams ‘push back’ sessions?

  • Are you curious about ways to measure return on investment?

  • Do you need to practice ways to enable resilience in teams?

  • Are you ready to use agile tools and techniques with teams?

  • Do you want to understand and apply ways to observe and feedforward from business-as-usual meetings with teams?

  • Are you curious about ways to facilitate shared leadership in teams?

  • Do you need to increase your relational systemic approach to team coaching?

  • Are you curious about ways to work online with dispersed teams?

  • Do you need SUPERvision on your team coaching for ICF ACTC or for EMCC or AC accreditation as a Team Coach?

  • Would you benefit from a safe space to unpack ethical dilemmas in your team coaching work?

Then this innovative programme is for you.



Have you sat in team meetings asking yourself “What really needs to be achieved?” Team effectiveness highlights how unproductive team members can be when they come together.

A recent HBR survey found the following:

  •     37% of our time is spent in meetings

  •     Managers attend more than 60 meetings per month

  •     25-50% of meeting time adds no value

  •     39% admitted dozing off during a meeting

  •     >70% admitted bringing other work to meetings

  •     Cost to business: $37BN

Organisations across the globe are becoming increasingly reliant on teams and team impact to drive results.  The importance of team development has never been greater. In this programme you will learn how to empower teams and enable them to step into their greatness by giving them the tools and skills to navigate not only today’s challenges, but tomorrows too.  With your cohort you will learn how to be fully present with the whole team at an individual and team level, whilst also tapping into the wider system and the field in which they operate. You will help teams move from reactive to creative, improve relationships both within and beyond the team, align to their purpose, and achieve their desired results.

Team Coaching is the fastest growing area of coaching. More organisations are realising this. They wish to harness collective intelligence to achieve and exceed desired outcomes, stay abreast of developments in their field and become attuned to competitors.

We encourage you to hold the team as creative, resourceful and whole. You will develop a deep awareness of the team dynamics and how to help shift teams into greater effectiveness. We use positive psychology, gestalt, agile, somatic  and other approaches.

We are known for our proven CoachME Model of team coaching. We are the only coach training provider globally to win the ICF Coaching Impact Award and our faculty have won numerous awards for team coaching as well.  We are a team of 7 MCC, MPs in Team Coaching and Accredited ESIA SUPERvisors, Certified Mentor Coaches, as well as being PCC marker Trained and MCC BARS Trained.

The programme is highly experiential with a mix of training, team coaching practice, observations and knowledge-share development. Our approach is creative and experiential whilst our assessment requires reflections on each module.

This programme has been approved for the Advanced Accreditation in Team Coaching (AATC) in order to achieve your Advanced Certification in Team Coaching (ACTC) through the ICF.  It is also approved for an Association for Coaching (AC) Diploma.

Indicative Content:

  • Development of executive team and board coaching competence
  • Experiential practice working with a variety of psychological theories and models for on-line live and in-person team coaching
  • Generative thinking on business knowledge, contracting, pricing and pitching – articulating your team coaching proposition
  • Team coaching readiness
  • Hope theory
  • Through sculpts and other techniques together with your learning groups you will , practice integrating them in your work
  • Reflection on professional practice in group SUPERvision
  • Team coaching as a relational process
  • The emergence of pattern and parallel processes
  • Addressing repetition and ‘stuckness’
  • Supporting transition, setbacks and dependencies
  • Consider ways to work with equity, diversity, inclusion, belonging and justice
  • Ending the coaching relationship


Board coaching and dynamics of boards:

  • Power relations and politics
  • Individual and social dynamics
  • Contracting with the top team
  • ‘Shadow sides’ of senior leadership teams
  • Ethics and professional practice in teams
  • Working with teams-of teams
  • Working with SMEs, NGOs and family businesses


You will be able to:

  • Identify signs ineffective teams and ways to intervene as a team coach

  • Navigate the tensions between individual and collective team needs

  • Build psychological safety by demonstrating the neuroscience of emotional resonance

  • Engage in embodied practices

  • Use Team Coaching Competencies


Contact us today to book your place or for more information: simon@beckett-mcinroy.com 


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CoachME Level 6 graduate, Other team coaching experience