The BMC faculty provide ICF Levels one, two, three and CCE coach training programmes globally both face-to-face and via an interactive webinar. We also specialise in executive, leadership and organisational coaching for individuals and teams. All of our programmes are delivered in an innovative experiential style.


Systemic Executive Leadership Coaching




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Why you and your organisation will benefit from Systemic Executive Leadership Coaching



Systemic Executive Leadership Coaching is the art and science of enhancing performance, development and creativity at work – and in life – by facilitating a change in thinking, enabling the creative of increased impact, aligning with values and purpose, and ‘being’ a courageous and compassionate leader. It is systemic as we partner with you to provide a safe space to explore the needs of your many stakeholders, complexity in your field, resilience levels and desired results.


Coaching is a proven methodology to develop the mindset and capabilities of organisational leaders and managers in transition towards increased responsibilities, new roles, or to achieve challenging objectives in changing competitive environments often with less resources!


We have worked across sectors globally enabling senior leaders to be at their best and fit for purpose. Studies show that executive leadership coaching is a highly effective method of reaching professional, team and organisational goals. International Coaching Federation measured the impact of coaching on one hundred senior executives. The results showed that coaching provided an average of 5.7 times return on its investment. 


  • 77% said that coaching had improved their relationships with direct reports
  • 63% said coaching had improved teamwork
  • 53% reported an increase in productivity
  • 48% reported an increase in the quality of their work
  • 61% report improved job satisfaction



How does CoachME Executive Leadership Coaching work?



We always ensure we provide a personal approach for you. We ensure that coaching plans are data-driven and we tailor coaching programme to desired results in a future-back way, which is where do you need to be (in terms of people, projects, process, pioneering, purpose…) and then what are the most effective ways to get there. We partner with you to ensure that you reach and exceed your goals. We support you in being a more effective leader with their colleagues and clients. 


Our award-winning model ensures that you are clear on what your most important objectives are whilst we collaborate with you to assess dependencies and setbacks, blockers or challenges, which get in the way. These can be both external in terms of available resources or internal such as a need to increase confidence, self-awareness or adaptability. Together we co-create an iterative roadmap, tapping into your motivations, skill and knowledge achieve specific deliverables.


We provide a service bespoke to every client’s needs, taking conversational, holistic and deep-dive approaches, whilst offering the opportunity for specialist coaching on specific issues. 



Selecting your CoachME Coach



We are proud to offer you with an outstanding global team of highly experienced professional Coaches who have worked as business leaders in Fortune 100s, are members of our Coach Training and SUPERvisory Faculty, work as Consultants and follow our rigorous internationally proven process.


Together we draw upon our wealth of experience across a wide range of disciplines (oil and gas, foreign direct investment, education, business science, philosophy, psychology and neuroscience) to support you and your business. We provide expertise in the following areas:


  • Executive Leadership Development – clarifying and improving leadership style
  • Profiling Tools – ensuring data driven coaching roadmaps
  • Business results – creating effective plans to achieve greater success and achievement
  • Values alignment – developing individual behaviours that meet the needs of the organisational 
  • Succession and Promotion – supporting executive leaders to thrive in new situations
  • Work/life blend – clarifying challenges and generating impactful solutions
  • Strategic objective – generative thinking to create a compelling vision for the future
  • High potential – equipping high-achievers with key elements for success
  • Skills development – enabling emotional intelligence, communication and listening skills to enhance professional performance
  • Conflict resolution and negotiation – identifying obstacles to effectively navigate win-win working relationships and business-to-business agreements.



What you will experience during a CoachME Coaching Programme






During this initial phase, we collaborate with you, your L&D, OD, HR Teams and any relevant Executive Sponsors to assess your needs and preferences. We share the extensive list of bios from our most suitable coaches, those who have experience of similar professional situations. Quite often our Coaches have prior experience in your field.






In your chemistry sessions you get to meet potential Coaches who are best fit for you. This provides you with the chance to select the Coach that best resonates with you in terms of personality and you can then start to build your working relationship.




Where it is appropriate to involve a sponsor such as your line manager, we arrange a meeting – three or even four way. Such meetings enable us all to create effective working relationships that support psychological safety and effective results that are measurable. We also agree the length of the coaching project and other practicalities. 



Your Coaching Sessions



Your coaching sessions usually last between 45 minutes and 2 hours, sometimes longer if in person, walking in nature or in group coaching sessions across organisations. 


Together, we create an appropriate coaching programme that factors in the outcomes that need to be achieved plus realistic milestones considering your context. Coaching engagements can be from 3 to 12 coaching sessions over a period of 6 weeks to 10 months. 


During a coaching session you may experience:


  • Consideration of challenge around the outcomes that you need to achieve 
  • Reflection on past successes and failures, strengths and development areas
  • Exploration of stakeholders, their needs and ways to engage them appropriately
  • Challenge around assumptions and beliefs
  • Realisation of unhelpful working patterns
  • Focus on strengths and how to leverage them more effectively
  • Accountability measures
  • Celebration or championing on quick wins, low hanging fruit, and major milestones 
  • Creative and critical think bringing in various perspectives
  • Support on formulating robust plans of action
  • Understanding of how to create even more effective and productive working relationships.


Sessions take place in a location that best encourages comfort and freethinking. This might be in a meeting room in your location, in a create place such as an art gallery or online. 



Coaching Evaluation



At the end of your coaching programme we always arrange a debriefing session to revisit the originally defined goals, review learning and collect feedback from you and any sponsors. Sometimes this is a 360 survey repeated as a comparison to assess return on expectations and investment. 



Additional information


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